Here’s a thought—what if all the exponential trends drop off? This is my “not posting for awhile related blog post” … in other words, think about the world…without the internet.

Several things could make us vulnerable to that—a nuclear detonation—particularly one in the upper atmosphere, could release an electromagnetic pulse that could knock out delicate electronics (i.e. computers, etc.) There’s no guarantee that will happen.

However, there is almost certainty that there will be a solar storm, a massive solar storm. Apparently there was one in the 80’s (?) that knocked out most of Quebec’s power grid. This would not effect small-scale electronics, as much as it would interact with our power-grid like a big antenna and knock that out. It could take years to get it back.

Real thoughts on preparedness for this event

Here’s another scary thought. Today, August 24th (and tomorrow) a coronal hole in the sun’s atmosphere is facing the earth and we are going to be passing through some massive solar wind. We should be okay, right?

Look for a note on the coronal hole on the side of the page.

More on this later…if the internet still exists. 🙂