Updated facts on the solar storm that may be able to do some damage—apparently my dates were off—and we actually were hit by it earlier in August, perhaps August 1st.  Looks like the next (large) solar storm to hit the earth will be in 2013 or thereabouts.  A previous one in 1859 seems to have had a major impact on the electric systems then, such as they were.
Read the Solar Storm Article in the “Telegraph” for more information.

My wife notes that in the classic Laura Ingalls-Wilder “Little House” series, there’s a good chance of computing an incident in “The Long Winter” where a particularly powerful winter snows-in the family described, where they experience phantom balls of light oozing down the metal (conductive) stovepipe top of their iron stove, and then rolling around the living room.  Probably, this is a description of ball-lightning, which itself is a mysterious phenomenon.

What’s interesting about this is how it seems to be a depiction of electrical and electroradiated energy interacting with conductive surfaces.  Worth noting, as numerous sources have warned that the major solar storm due any time now would interact with our power grid, possibly shutting us down for a good decade.

That would be bad.  Are you ready for that?

Here’s another solar storm article, this time from OffTheGridNews.com that explains the dire possible situation in a little more detail.