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Despite the search-engine mogul Google‘s commitment to the aphoristic ideal of “don’t be evil,” there are still those who like to throw stones.   They say that the people who shouldn’t do that are those who live in glass houses, which is probably why the critics always take aim at those whose sins are of scope and scale utterly alien to their own.  Here’s a couple down-point articles I dug up from a recent blog/site—as I did some search on Google or a related term…

1. Google is creepy, because it’s so big. I suppose being big can be creepy, if you’re a giant.  I imagine things are only “creepy” when you’re jealous you don’t get to have all those perks.  On the inside, it’s probably, “angelic,” “blissful,” and “not-creepilly-nice.”

Google has these new news feeds that keeps things up to the minute on various topics, including, apparently, itself.  I wonder how you qualify for this?

More points to follow.