Roomba‘s and apocalypse: former schoolmate Rachel Zylstra…a musician singer-songwriter with a YouTube channel called “Advice Music.”

Roombas, Captchas and the End of the Age

Roomba Eats People. Enter Captcha.

A song entitled “reckoning (rhetorically) with robots” deals an answer to a tongue-in-cheek query:

Dear Advice Music,

I was thinking about getting a Roomba to help tidy up my apartment.  But, according to such hit TV shows as “Battlestar Galactica,” robots like the Roomba are merely setting the stage for a Robot Apocolypse.  Am I being too paranoid about emerging technology, or should I have reason to fear our emerging robotic overlords?

-Scared about Being Stalked by a Robot in NY

Well, after listening to this song, I think I am beginning to understand Rachel Zylstra and/or her music…  it’s funny!  At least, I thought it was.

My blog comment was intercepted by a Captcha are-you-human detector…and I realized I was wrong.  The robot uprising is already here.

Here is my comment:

Rachel, you are too funny.
I’m just finally starting to get this, and it’s hilarious.

The fact that I have to put in a captcha to just type a short comment
on a blog should tell us that the robot takeover of the world is
already well underway. 🙂
-Joe K.

Just kidding.

P.S. Today’s article is brought to you by me typing to you on a Dvorak keyboard.

I thought this topic would work well because it mentioned the name Zylstra—read back for more—which contains many interesting letters: Z, Y, etc.