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Image by Frank Gruber via Flickr

A couple articles from I’ve come across talked about the issue of “Linkbait” …what is that?  I didn’t know when I first heard it—but I guessed, and I did so correctly.

  1. Introduction to Linkbaiting
  2. 20 Linkbaiting Techniques.

These two articles give (1) a basic definition and explanation of the concept/practice, and (2) a list of examples of how to do it (right or wrong) with some of the risks involved.

Linkbait. I think it’s a silly name—a name for really good stuff.

Okay, someone will correct me and say that it can also be really bad stuff…so it’s really “linkable stuff.”
But, it’s really good in the sense that it’s stuff that’s worth having on the internet if someone wants to link to it …it’s worth enough of someone’s time for them to discuss it.  It’s obviously something that someone wants to talk about—but wouldn’t you want to always make blog posts / articles / web-content that people want to talk about?

Linkbait is what you should try to do anyways.

So, what is linkbait?  Well, apparently these two above articles qualify—so the articles about linkbait, were linkbait.