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A few months ago, I noticed a surge in articles about how Google was cutting down on its special benefits for employees. Even though the level of employee benefits was astronomically out of proportion to working at any other job, it definitely had something going for it.

To these articles (Belt tightening articles about Google) I say:  Cutting perks, how sad.”  I always thought it was cool (as I understood it) that Google took the stance that:

We take care of the employees first and the employees will take care of the customers.

I definitely can see the logic there, and if you have the money to it, then great!  Sounds like they don’t have the money to do it anymore.  But there’s nothing like employee loyalty to really make things work, because having to fight uphill against people who don’t want to be there will always be bad in the end.

Why get more managers and systems to monitor productivity, when you could capture intrinsic motivation? I heard stories about gourmet meals being served, time to work on side projects (which might eventually develop into full-on applications like—was it GMail?) and so on and so forth.

Sounded like a dream job.  And, of course, Google’s tangy vision/values slogan was: “Don’t be evil.”

So, I understand that.  Of course—we’ve all been programmed (no pun intended) to be suspicious of larger corporations, but in the long haul—should we be?  Honestly, big corporations fund jobs for millions of workers, and help provide subsistence to the economy.  Why do we always have to assume that they’re up to no good?

Nevertheless, this is my third article on the dark side of Google, the other sour notes about this search engine articles having been published about half a year ago (or more!) I think.  The reason was that I suppose I thought it would be titillating to hang a meatball out there for those always looking at the dark underbelly of things, even though in the end there’s only economic fat-cutting to be heard.  Or is there?

Did anyone mention the Golden Shield project?

But that’s probably an article for another time.