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Get something now, that you’re interested, for a serious discount: but you only have a day to decide!  

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A video my wife made for a daily deal job website (vote for her!)

Sites like and have been popular leaders in creating sites that offer specialized, targeted discounts for those wishing to (A) purchase something within a certain niche, at a discount, or (B) promote their business with a special offer or discount.  Now, why would these sites be so popular?

  1. Finding something that people are going to buy anyways, but at a great discount makes perfect sense—and is the one sort of model from which buyer’s will welcome solicitations.
  2. Time-limits are one of the greatest sources of motivation for those considering buying.  This is a subset of the larger issue of scarcity.  If the commodity, product or resource in question is in great abundance (either in plentifulness, or availability throughout time).
  3. There’s a win-win situation involved.  Of course, customers are getting great deals, but sellers are also locking in business that they wouldn’t have had otherwise (and are getting themselves the chance that some of it may be paid for, but may never be claimed before it expires.)
  4. Studies have shown that people who are given more choices are not actually more happy.  Instead, having fewer options seems to allow people greater contentment.  Less buyer’s remorse, perhaps…  At any rate, having a single deal every day, seems to be profitable.

I’ve used daily deal sites a number of times: if the daily commodity is one which you know you’d use (and thus buy) anyways, why wouldn’t you want the chance to get it at a reduced rate?  Perhaps they are the enemy of careful planning—but even that’s a hard one to defend.

Niche daily deal sites are popping up all over., for example, promotes daily deals on nostalgic and retro (no battery) toys.  My wife has put together a viral video application to work in a fairly good position ( they have to offer.  (The job is nice enough that you can tell the company is doing well).  Make sure to vote, if you see her video!

What have your experiences been with daily deal sites?

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I’ve been asking myself this question: “What do I really need to be doing?” There’s this whole concept of “opportunity cost” (which is a fancy way of saying: what are all the things I can’t do if I do this instead of that?) and I’m gradually understanding it better and better. The more time I spend on this blog, showing what I’ve learned about media, and about new technology, the more time I realize that I am not creating works of beauty and art that I really want to.

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