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Poets, according to a recent radio article I heard (Probably on John Tesh Radio) are rejecting the Kindle as a viable medium for displaying their poetry. Everything in writing poetry is so detail oriented, that even a misplaced comma, or another punctuation mark being moved from one line to another can change meaning entirely. That’s probably worth considering when you think about writing your next eBook or what-have-you!

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Also, be concerned that if you’re doing a lot of writing or other types of non-dynamic (i.e. writing, pictures and the like) work online (via computer or electronic format) it may be wise to not exclusively utilize an electronic delivery medium…based on some of the failures that are possible on a global scale… Just to be safe. Hard copies are good no matter what (massive power failure or not) though—they’re just handy to have.

Kindle Sales Surpass Paper is the new headline. Does this mean that the publishing industry is swaying towards digital rather than traditional publishing? It is easier than ever to self-publish. What do you think this means?

In this age of ever-expanding possibilities, we need to have an open-mind.  Conversely, we can’t afford to have a closed-one.  Here’s a book that takes your mind to the next level, as far as thinking outside the box.  A book review of one of my favorite sci-fi novels—not only of alternative history, but of alternative science!  In this story, the world of the ancient Greeks has endured in a literal form to the present day, and the ancient Greek theories of four-element and geocentrism have prevailed.

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