When I was still in my youthful teenage years (as was the Internet)… I had a visit from a lady friend whom I had met in a chatroom.  She didn’t appreciate it when we drove past a building labelled “Computer Hospital” (where I often went to get computers fixed) in Toronto.  Jokingly, I told her (drawing from a radio skit I had heard earlier) that this was a place where, if you had cut your hand, you could go have a droid measure your hand and give you stitches—i.e. a hospital run by computers.  

A surgical team from Wilford Hall Medical Cent...

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(The radio skit this was inspired by was something lampooning the potential downgrades in the nineties healthcare system of Canada.)

Anyways, this all may seem far-fetched, but apparently drone doctors—actually, remote-operated medical units, are now being used in some places.  (Really?)

Here’s an article—Robotic Bedside Manner from a notable tech-writer. 

What do you think?  Would you enjoy this type of mechanized treatment? 🙂