Free applications (apps) for the Macintosh have become very popular, as have paid ones.  I even know someone who cut themselves free from a high paying international job to develop apps for Macintosh devices.

Though I haven’t vetted every single one of these freeware applications, and can’t claim that they are bug-free, these are some sources that you can get your Macintosh desktop/laptop applications.


Apple – App Store – Buy, download, and install apps made for Mac

Apple itself does host some free apps for Mac computers, apparently.  Just as there’s an app-store for mobile Apple products, like the iPhone and iPad, there is an application download center run by Apple for Macintosh desktops/laptops.

Apparently, this is an easy download situation: all you have to do is run “Software Update” from your Apple menu. I have not been able to get this one to work, but my computer security, neo-Apple afficianodo older brother tells me that not only is this a great place to get free apps (and paid apps), but also free eBooks (hundreds of them, actually) and, I think, other great stuff as well.


Fifty Must Have Open Source Apps for the Mac

There’s some great little free apps on this website, such as a step-rhythm dance-revolution type game, a comic book viewer, free project management software, several browsers…and more!

I came across this site of Macintosh programs in a Google search, but I’m posting because the second time I found it (yes, I found it several times) it was actually linking to this blog: particularly our blog article on NeoOffice.  Now that I look back on this free apps site, I’m not sure how it was linking to my site, but if I recall correctly, it was inexplicably sending me traffic.

The great bottom line is that for all these Mac apps; they are all free!


100 Free Useful Mac Applications

Some of these apparently are not free—but include some shareware / free-trial (then pay) programs.  Here’s how they describe this list:

If you’ve just got yourself a new Mac and totally clueless what to install, this article is for you.

Despite being a site by apparently non-English speakers (at least not as their first language), it seems still pretty easy to understand.


Some Site With A Funny Name

The first place I heard about a site of Macintosh applications (that were all free, I believe.) was quite some time ago.  A video-editor friend of mine told me about it, and I can’t for the life of me remember what that free app website for the Mac was called. This free-apps-for-the-Mac website  was a central hosting place (that seemed fairly official) for all new software applications that were free and came across as the undisputed ruler of all Mac freeware.

It had a funny name like “squish” or “soggy” or something, short, but I guess insufficiently relevant to remember.  The name might have been an adjective something to do with texture or consistency, one word, and nothing to do explicitly with Mac freeware.

Too bad for that Mac free app site—but can anyone remember what it’s called?    If someone can write in and tell me, let me know.

Caveat Emptor: Buyer Beware!

I have to be honest, I really haven’t tried most of these apps.  No guarantee or vouchsafe of the quality, reliability, or even safety of any of these.  Malware is out there, so use discretion and your better judgement.  You get what you pay for, right?

Well, sometimes you get more—often you do, but be careful.  As Mac’s become more popular, I’m sure that viruses and malware for them, will also propagate.