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Beautiful Free Pictures

Beautiful Free Pictures is the name of the site, and the promise is that everything there is available for free, for what appears to both professional and non-commercial use.


I think “beautiful” is a pretty accurate way to describe the site.  These free pictures (and they are photos, rather than other types of art or images) are indeed very beautiful, gorgeous to look at and fun to browse.

As far as being “free,” the Beautiful Free Pictures about page states that:

However, all are free and can be used for all personal and commercial purposes. You can use these pictures in your projects, books, articles, e-books, emails, blogs and even in your websites.

There are a few requirements, including crediting the photos’ creators (which varies from picture to pictures) as well as more common and obvious things, such as making no illegal use of these free pictures.

Perhaps public domain is the right word to use, even though giving credit is still required.

Sure there are plenty of picture-sites that have more pictures, perhaps even slightly finer quality images, but these are nice.

Either way, these photos can be summed up in one word.


Looks like the WordPress development community has come up with some easy to use back-end engine functionality —to create easy social-media / repost, “sharing buttons” on their blogs.

If I did this right you should be seeing them at the bottom of this [post.  THis is a quick and easy way for you to repost, e-mail, “digg” or Facebook posts you like.

However, as I’ve read elsewhere, and as would make sense, this really is no alternative to having great content—really good things to say—that doesn’t have anything to do with what buttons you make available.  If people like something, they won’t bother looking for your buttons, I can imagine, but will post it the old-fashioned way.  That’s what I did…but no sense making it harder on people to share either.


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