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[Editor’s Note: This article caused some inappropriate offense when it was written and needs some serious work.  Please check back later for an updated version.]

Today I had my first real encounter with the iPad.

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory

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It was a family encounter…my kids and I got to see an example of Moving Tales—a revolutionary new book format!  It’s the kind of thing you’d see in sci-fi….a flat pad that displays images that move—that future storybooks are basically micromovies.
Subtle animation, sound effects and music: the whole thing was illustrated with 3D models that were rendered through a hand-drawn style filter.  The prose was classic and well-written. The story was called “The Peddler of Gushing Cross.”

One of the phrases from the book, “Life is stranger than the she ever could have imagined,” feels quite apt right about now.

The whole things makes one wonder about the path that brain development is taking. Of course, so many people are growing up with TV and with other things along those lines, that the world is reforging itself, if only in terms of how people are thinking.  What will my children think growing up in a world of animated, talking storybooks?  They already have a number of strange conceptions—

—though we talk a lot to them about TV, they hardly ever watch any television-proper—but rather watch whatever they do watch on the Netflix service.  Thus, they have no concept of commercials (and find them quite incomprehensible, if not intolerable) and have little tolerance for the modern fare of non-sequitur cartoons.

That’s probably not what most people are undergoing right now as they re-image their brain-maps, so I suppose there are a number of trails going on in the neurosphere world of new media.

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Thanks to my prior co-worker / friend Luke Slendebroek for posting this: Video Rental Stores’ Bizarre Survival Strategy.

1. Apparently video rental stores are offering tanning beds as an incentive for drawing in more crowds.

2. They are seeking legal action against Redbox kiosks using things like “wheelchair accessibility” as the excuse.

3. Making short movies including: using military tanks to run over competitors’ property.

4. Buying wholesale videos and then re-selling them at lower prices, justifying the process by calling the videos “previously viewed.”

What else will they come up with? What do you think?

Today is a test day for a new service that may make cable companies obsolete.  With new streaming services via sites like Hulu, Netflix, and more, the web is fast becoming the place to watch video, even live video.

YouTube is putting to test the last remaining bastion of old-timey TV—live news and sports.

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The blog article “Bye-bye TV?” asks us just what will happen in the future…and tells more details about this breakthrough project.

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