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Exponents and typing have always had an interesting relationship.  In this short guest post, computer-savvy minstrel Jera Wolfe (not his legal name) writes a quick explanation on how to type those out on a PC.

To use standard keyboard characters to express an exponential, you use the character “^” between the base and the exponent.

For example (The Hardy Weinburg Equation):

p² + 2pq + q² = 1

could be easier written:

p^2 + 2pq + q^2 = 1

Also, by holding down the ALT key, and typing out 0178 and then releasing the alt key after you finish hitting the keys it will produce a “²”. Use 0179 to create a ³. Any other values it’s best to use the method described above.

Note: You can only use the numkey pad to generate ascii numbers using ALT codes.
Special Note: Remember, depress the ALT key and keep it held, then type out each key individually, don’t try to hold them all down like ctrl+alt+delete. It’s hold ALT, and type 0 then 1 then 7 then 8 then release the alt key.

Jera Wolfe is a hardcore techie user who remembers BBS-like systems such as FIDOnet that predate the declassification of ArpaNet. His first introduction to the computers was the old TI-99/4A, a system which his grandfather taught him how to hook up and play.

Google offers a number of contextualized advertising services—where they seem to be making all of their revenue.  AdSense is the commonly known name—and this allows advertisers to literally buy clicks, with a portion of their payment going to Google, and a portion going to the owner of whatever website choose to host those ads.  Seems like a great win-win solution all around.

One thing to note about all of this: things always get a little bit more complicated when money becomes involved. Though you may be used to setting up free accounts from Google and other services on the spur of the moment, this is not an instantaneous process, and does take some review time on Google’s part, as well as some time on yours to set up. Leave yourself a few hours to get it all figured out.

Note: Free WordPress-blog accounts (on WordPress’ on server/site) do not support placing AdSense ads.  You would have to move the back-end PHP files and install them on your own server.  Luckily, there is a forwarding option if you want to keep your traffic (though SEO rank may not transfer) and also do domain mapping, I believe, so that you can keep forwarding from individual blogs.

Stay tuned for my test of Google AdSense ads on this blog.  Here’s my first attempt elsewhere:  LifeTrain, LLC‘s Resume Blog: When Should I Use An Objective On My Resume?.

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