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Speaking of Google…

In all this, I’m wondering if the “scraper” traffic I saw earlier (that picked up my articles) was automatic (I’m assuming) or perhaps some third-world worker in a net-scraping factor (not likely).  Who or what ever it is, it seems to be going along just fine—and picking up mention of keywords—well, mostly “Google.”

So, I’m wondering if my theory is correct, and if a mere mention of the word “Google” will actually attract the attention of visitors.  So here goes: GOOGLE!

I’m assuming that the robots would pick this up, but human aggregators would ignore this.

Google in 1998, showing the original logo

Image via Wikipedia

Well, okay,that wasn’t very nice to actual committed readers of this blog (I know you’re out there—even if you don’t!) and so I’ll give you a little tidbit…

Have you ever Googled Google?  What did that Google search find?  The top Google hit, I found very relevant.

I’ll explain more later: Hint: That’s where developers and developments post and get posted by Google.  Great way to stay abreast of developments there.

As promised in my last blog entry, here’s another set of thoughts about blogging. First of all, I noticed that I’ve been reading my stats wrong, and that there’s a build-on effect happening, rather than just a day-to-day single-post popularity contests. Here’s what I mean about all this blogging stuff:

(1) Traffic Stacks: There is a beautiful exponential effect in your blog post traffic.  I had actually been reading my day-to-day traffic updates as if I was only looking at the popularity of each post I had been putting out each day.  However, one of my biggest spikes was on a day when I didn’t post anything!  Eventually I realized the obvious—my blog post traffic is taking off because more and more, there are a greater and greater number of posts/articles on my site to be read!

(2) Not all traffic is human:  Though I can’t speak to whether there is a WordPress anti-spam filter within their own system that filters these out—I do know that there

Scraper site snippet for one of my blog posts

Here is a scapper-site snippet

are various “spiders” (automate programs that surf the web for various reasons) that do visit sites… At least, I’m assuming that these are spiders…but apparently some of my content got scooped up by a “scraper site” which really seemed to be an aggregator of various blog content, my article being one of them.  It was at this point that I let out a small cheer (first scraping!) and then took a screenshot.

(3) Some topics are hot all the time.  You are probably guessing that Google is a pretty hot thing to be searching for—so, here’s my tip for your blog success—find some niche topic to blog on, and you’ll get some interesting ongoing traffic, provided your niche is one with definite popularity—it can be a wide niche to start, and then you may want to narrow in.  I could be wrong.  What do you think?

Write back in the comments field to let me know more about what your opinion is.

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