Last post involved getting your content online (on WordPress) well before midnight.

Here is…


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…my one addition/caveat to that: we need to get our posts out when people can read them.  (I think I mentioned that already—but…)  So—what does that mean?  I think that there’s a real purpose to doing that—as I said before…it’s important to be seen by real people on the day-of, rather than speculative (potential) people (and non-human people—such as automated spiders) after the fact.

Now that I’ve gotten my first real (non-me / non-spam) comment (I think) on that post  about blogging times, I think I’ve got one more thing to add.

The commentator noted that one could “creatively post-date” the blog entries and get things in order for that day, basically re-assigning the blog to post prior to the present.  I suppose that helps one get one’s cue in-order, but I do wonder if this is true:

—it’s still better to be seen by real folks …live!

Yes, I suppose I know that’s true.  Right?